The research group of Dr Eric A Treml, spatial marine ecologist in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Centre for Integrative Ecology (CIE) at Deakin University, Marine Science Centre, Australia. Our broad research interests are in marine ecology, fisheries science, and conservation, specifically in understanding the causes and consequences of population connectivity and climate change, and the implications for marine management.

Our research aligns under three themes:

Davis-style drifters in
American Samoa

I. Biophysics: Understanding the biological and physical drivers of marine population connectivity and persistence.

100 cm2 in Komodo,

II. Biodiversity: Investigating how connectivity and the environment contribute to the biodiversity patterns (genetic to community levels).

Conservation priorities in
SE Sulawesi, Indonesia

III. Management: Developing ecologically and spatially informed management strategies to protect ecological integrity and ensure sustainable fisheries.

Dr. Eric A. Treml
School of Life and Environmental Sciences,
Deakin University Queenscliff Marine Science Centre, and
Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University, Victoria 3216 Australia
Email: e.treml at